Angela Sun Consulting


My cats: Tangerine and Chou Chou

Chou Chou

I LOVE dental health!

I wake up each day with my eyes full of wonder and my heart full of hope.

Kids, do your homework.

Drink water to stay energized and healthy.

I'd like a cappuccino and two mice, please.

Chou Chou often sleeps in a curled up ball. A lot of times, he is sitting in this pose at my feet while I teach. So cute.

Chou Chou loves to look outside at birds and squirrels.


Tangerine aka Tangie aka Tangis Khan aka Tanzania aka Tan Tan aka the Night Hunter aka true CEO here at Tangela Sun Consulting

Power. Stamina. Strength. Tangerine.

Yo, I'm a rap star.

Sometimes life gets you down and you need to take a break. And that's okay.

Is she looking outside or is she looking at herself?

Ahem. Excuse me. Please turn your attention to me.

Tangerine's face is so pretty.

Tan and Chou together

Sadly, the only time Tangie isn't running away from Chou is when they are eating.